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Lessons on Aging from Three Nations: The Art of Caring for Older Adults Sara Carmel - (Rating: 2 - 0 votes)

Lessons on Aging from Three Nations: The Art of Caring for Older Adults

Lessons on Aging from Three Nations: The Art of Caring for Older Adults - Read Online or Download Lessons on Aging from Three Nations: The Art of Caring for Older Adults by Sara Carmel Book For Free. Available forma: PDF, TXT , ePub , PDB , RTF, Audio Books - The global phenomenon of the aging of societies during a period of outstanding scientific, economic, and technological advancements is a blessing for humanity. These fundamental changes, however, create new needs and problems in all areas of life, often difficult to address. In some countries, the trend is towards compression of the period of age-related morbidity - fewer years of living with disabilities - but the absolute numbers of elderly people living with disabilities are increasing worldwide. This book highlights a series of global threats, problems and challenges in the areas of care and caregiving, through the prism of three multicultural nations: the United States, Israel and Australia. The contributors to this book, experts in their fields, focus on the art of caregiving at the national level, including the interface between family and state responsibilities, policies and practices in the provision of services, and the demands for education and training, as well as the problems and difficulties faced by family caregivers. This is the second of two edited volumes on aging and caregiving. The first, ""Lessons on Aging from Three Nations - Volume I: The Art of Aging Well,"" examines positive aspects of and successful adaptations to aging. This book will be of interest to students of gerontology and geriatrics; those working in nongovernmental organizations - private, for-profit and non-profit agencies, including voluntary charitable and religious groups, those working in national regional and local governments, and all general readers intrigued with the aging of societies and longevity.

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